Thailand is arguably the most popular country for tourists to visit in South East Asia, renowned for its tropical beaches with crystal clear waters, incredible street food scene, and great value for money.

Looking at Thailand from a glance, there are so many beautiful places to visit that you’ll be like a kid in a candy shop when trying to choose where to visit on your holidays. Here at, we’ve compiled a list of vacation ideas and spots in Thailand to take the stress out of planning your trip.

While some of the best cities in Thailand are worth visiting in their own right, others act as gateways to astounding natural sights with beautiful beaches, idyllic islands and magnificent scenery lying nearby.

1. Bangkok

Bangkok is a mega city that everyone has to visit once in their travel career. Once you get used to the chaos and the traffic, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying all of what Bangkok has to offer. Think of tourist attractions like the reclining Buddha, bustling clubs with loud music on Khaosan Road, intriguing art museums like MOCA Gallery Bangkok, spacious parks with heavenly lakes such as Lumpini Park, and vibrant street markets like the Chatuchak Market.

2. Phuket

Formerly a beach resort for American GIs during the Vietnam War, Pattaya is definitely not for everyone as go-go bars, massage parlours and sex tourism are its primary draws. With a large gay scene, straight and gay men alike flock to the city to enjoy its raucous nightlife and plethora of bars and clubs.

Despite its reputation, local authorities have attempted to clean up its image and there are now a wide range of watersports, shopping centers and entertainment facilities on offer. Remarkably this has seemed to work quite well and a different type of tourist is now visiting Pattaya although the sex scene is still the primary draw – for now.

3. Krabi

A small city in the Malay peninsula, Krabi Town is an authentic and cheap place for you to get to know the local Thai culture. Whether it is wandering around the local night markets or getting a soothing Thai massage; Krabi Town is a nice place to spend a couple of days. Most visitors, however, use it as a gateway to the incredible attractions that lie nearby.

Around eight kilometers out of town, for example, is the glittering Tiger Temple that is perched on a hilltop and offers panoramic views of the surrounding area. Another fantastic site lies a short boat trip away and rock climbers flock to Rai Leh for its fantastic and unique rock formations. Stunning to behold, it’s an incredible place to visit and the site really is a natural wonder such is its beauty and magnificence.

4. Koh Samui

Koh Samui sits in the Gulf of Thailand and is the country’s second-largest island after Phuket. There’s no better location than Koh Samui to unwind after a dose of Thai cities. Spend your days chilling out on Chaweng Beach or enjoy a day of a fun-filled day of water-based activities at Ang Thong National Marine Park.

Koh Samui (Samui Island) is a popular resort island in the Gulf of Thailand with stunning beaches and plenty of fun activities. This cosmopolitan beach destination attracts a wide range of visitors, from budget travellers staying in simple beachside bungalows to the wealthiest holidaymakers enjoying the luxury of one of the many 5-star resorts and villas on Koh Samui.

5. Chiang Mai

With over 300 temples in the city; there are loads of cool places to discover! Chiang Mai is a charming and laidback city which is perfect for relaxing in after a hectic time traveling around the country. Why not indulge yourself with some Thai massages or treat your taste buds with some of the wealth of delicious street food on offer?

The main draw here is its quaint old town in the center of the city with peaceful narrow lanes to wander and explore. The most famous temple Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep lies just outside the city on a hilltop overlooking Chiang Mai – head here for a fantastic view.